How Morri Came To be

Those truly in my life call me Morri...though, it was not my name at birth. 
For some reason I never felt connected to my birth name..Susan. I have no problem with the name--I think it's lovely. I just did not feel it was mine. Nor did I like the nickname Sue..actually, I really did not like being called that! Suzie, my grandfather and grandmother Morrison's choice, was the most tolerable--probably because I adored them so. 

Moving forward...when I started signing my art work, I was all over the place.

I signed my full name Susan Morrison Sims..Susan M Sims...Suz and possibly more ways. Some of my earlier work out there and hanging on my own walls still have some of those signatures (including my father's portrait below). 

Anyway I wanted to work and just be under another name..a name that connected and had meaning to me. I also wanted to let go of the past and some unpleasantries and heart ache connected to my birth name.

So I researched and pondered it, but I could not find anything and was about to give up. 

Until one night...between dreams and within the silence, a name was whispered to me-- and the name was .. "Morri."

I had never heard of the name..but immediately knew it was to be mine. 

What I did not know at that was connected to my beloved father. 

My father did not live in our area, but he would 'oft come to spend a few days with us. For a while he came to sit for me..I was attempting a charcoal portrait of him.

On one such visit I told him of my "adopted" name Morri.

My father was a non-emotional practical man, so I prepared for his disapproval. He was quiet for a moment, and then he said, "in the past Morri was my nickname." I was stunned and asked him why I had never heard about this before.  He said that was long long ago and he just never thought about it until I said the name. 

Much to my surprise, he not only approved, he thought it was a great idea, and there after..he called me Morri! His opinions and approvals mattered greatly to me, so this made me very happy. Though I confess..the name was mine no matter what he or anyone said or thought. 

At that time, I did not tell him exactly how the name came to me. I did not think he, nor most people for that matter, would understand how some things come to me.

As long as I can remember I've kept some of the things seen or heard to myself. It all began in childhood..quite possibly before I even knew words.

Back to my father..little did either of us know that day before too much time passed he would be gravely ill and leaving this world. 

After we knew he was dying, we talked about many unspoken things.

I told him how the name came to me and many more secrets. He not only accepted, he understood..perhaps because he was preparing to leave this world and his heart was open to all the energies around and within all of us.

Energies unseen or unheard unless one opens their heart to them. 

I think mine was open as a child. I've been told by more than one that I am a very old soul.  That would explain some things--so maybe there is some truth to it..

I do know my heart is opening wider now. Oh, I could tell you more stories about other things...maybe in time. (For now, I'll just paint)

I still use my "legal" name for just that--legal matters. It's as if that name goes with a person I know..just not me. I finally feel at home with Morri. 

I am free to speak now and I am so thankful the name was revealed to me..this name connected to my father. 

I only ask that you just please remember to call me --- Morri... 



I dedicate this page to YOU...

My Father

Max Helms Morrison, Sr.

T'was a very complicated journey we two had in this world.

Now we share the name...