Moon in Hiding

Moon in Hiding-Open Window Series

I have always loved the moon. She cast her spell on me as a child before I could even speak. I’m still bewitched. She knows and keeps all my secrets. 

So you’ll see her in a lot of my work.

In hiding might also mean stepping away for a spell, which I did back in 2015. Living here on this island allows me to step away from the noisy world. I confess, at times, I do not see another human other than John (my husband) for weeks, and I am content with that. Living within nature and all her magic allows one to hear their own voice. 

Hopefully, I will be able to share what I hear, see, and feel through my work…perhaps some of it will speak to you. 

Thank you again to Jeremiah for his help, gentle nudging, and encouragement! Our plan is to post on my new blog (in the process) weekly..we’ll see what unfolds.

 Until then..Seek positive energies within time, places, and people.🌀



Ps All this time, we thought she was hidden by clouds..little did we know.