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* Garden of Shadows


Wild Blackberry Flower - Woodland Fleming Isle (Photo) ©Morri - Lens of Morri

Wild Blackberry Flower – Woodland, Fleming Isle (Photo)
©Morri – Lens of Morri

Spring of 2013





the beauty of nature.



only attempt..

to honor it.



 Oh my..March 23, already officially spring..season of enchantments for me. (fall is the other)
Hard to believe I was last here November 2012.
Am I okay with that?

I decided to focus on practicing patience in 2013, and I am happy to say I am doing fairly well in my practice!

At least..for the imperfect perfectionist that I am.

I feel like the precious little blackberry flower..

                                                           weaving through the shadows & obstacles

making way to the light!

I’ve been patiently weaving .. worldly obstacles aside to allow time and focus on things, of heart!

                Making way for time in the studio, in the garden, nature, in another places near and far.

More time to connect with those I love and the beauty around me. More time to simply

                                                        just be..


along the way

 capturing life thru the lens of my camera or painting ..

Blackberries Wild (‘en plein air) ©Morri

Blackberries Wild (‘en plein air) ©Morri
Acrylic / wrapped canvas


Yep..I’m feeling quite inspired and happy these days–in the beginning of spring.

            into the land of enchantment 

I go…

(leaving you with my song choice for this post)

I find it eerily inviting..I do so love yummy unique music.


Within the

garden of shadows




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* The Colour Orange and Being Free

River Song ©Morri

24″ x 32″ acrylic/canvas


A bird

doesn’t sing


it has an answer,

it sings


it has a song.

-Maya Angelou


 Well, I am in the midst of preparing for I want to begin the new year off right. I was not going to worry about posting here until after all the holidays, but for some reason today I was drawn to this little space.

It has been cold and gray here the last couple of unlike Florida! Thus, my choice to post this painting. (**see a little story about this commissioned piece below)

Okay, back to the subject of orange

for one thing..

I LOVE the colour orange..I think I fell in love with it, by accident.

I never realized how much it finds its way into my art work and in my life. I’ve been organizing my studio and I started noticing how many pieces have orange in them! Now I am pondering painting my studio walls least one or two.


 Orange makes me feel happy and WARM.


 Okay..beyond art (which I am allowed to do on here) lol

* Note: I’m still deciding what I want this little blog to be about. Obviously, I am all about art..yet it’s not what I am ALL about. I have some artist friends that live and breathe art..competitively trying so hard to be a famous artist, I guess. I think I was on that train for a while..but grew weary of it. Not that I was obsessed with it..but you can get carried away with yourself especially with winning awards, prizes, and exhibitions. That is not what started my journey, and I refuse to let that define me as an artist or as a person. Either someone connects to my work (and me) or they don’t.

I will do as I initially intended here, just post about whatever suits my fancy..

which tends to be a lot. tee hee

So back to beyond art..

Like my scarves, of orange….

All ordered from Amazon (Prime, no doubt)

A girl (or guy) can never have too many scarves..agreed?

and beyond scarves…

Look at this colorful piece I found:

 $2.00 on clearance

I think it is meant to be a strapless blouse, but for me it will be a skirt (top of the knee) paired with a black (or white) turtle neck, black tights & boots with a faded jeans jacket. For winter, of course..and yes, summer brings other possibilities for this little non-skirt.

Hmm…maybe I’ll start posting photos of what I throw together.

Well, now..

I thought blogging too time consuming, but I throughly enjoyed this and now I am thinking I will use the time I was spending on facebook.

Note: I think I am over Facebook! They control that world..they keep changing things up (especially the business pages). My other reason is I often find it SO fake and back in high school days. 

Before I hush for now…My song for this post is by  the lovely Vicci Martinez <–check out her website!

A powerful message to me and if you wish, to you…


My My





(bringing more orange into my world..and limited time on Facebook)


ta ta ’til next time,

seek inspiration & seek to inspire,


** Note: River Song was commissioned for the cover of a directory. Then the painting was in the collection of the owners of the publishing company. It hung in a few local community and government places in our county and was to be moved across the river to another county to a permanent location. I was commissioned to create another painting this year, but then one of the owners became seriously ill during the process last year. Some other things unfolded..anyway, there was discussion of using the River Song image for another directory in another county. I finally asked about simply having the painting back and calling it even…they finally agreed. I am happy to have the little red-winged blackbird singing on my wall now.



* Beyond black and white…

Colours of Night ©Morri

24″ x 32″ acrylic on canvas


“Mere colour…

can speak 

to the


in a


different ways.”

~ Oscar Wilde


It seems i’ve been preparing for this time…it’s been quite a journey–life and me.

Some of which seemed





rigid rules


black and white.

A lot of which is reflected in my past art. i cannot deny that part of my life, nor that body of art work (spanning decades) which finally allowed me, peace of heart.

Alas, i feel like i am now standing at the shore–a new era of life♥

The darkness

is beautiful,

black and white

is undefined,


**Colours are calling out to me..

throughout my world.

Beyond waiting canvases in the studio..they are finding their way into my life.

colours .. speak to me.

Beyond art.

they are invading my thoughts


 my physical world

such as:


(in my parlor)

Touch of Red (photo)  ©Morri

Soon i plan to have colour on all the white walls in my home.

Yes i know, white is practical..

i think..

practically boring!


i want to be surrounded by colour

on walls


In clothing:

In the past, i often wore black,



i began

wrapping my neck in colour..

Colours on Silk (photo ©Morri)

Little side notation: These scarves are not tucked away in a drawer or on a shelf..they hang in my bedroom on a coat rack (i love to change-up usage of things). Now when i awaken I begin my day viewing their luscious colours. Besides the fact, the many looks can you achieve with a few black dresses and a zillion scarves..agreed? Okay not a zillion..lets just say, i am fond of them. When traveling i always bring two or more home in my suitcase..

why not wear a lovely memory♥


beyond scarves...

Recent purchases of clothing

Colours of Cloth (photo) ©Morri

All bargains of course (see–> Sparkles and Treasures)


In coming posts, i will be sharing some of the colours of my world..within art, clothing (some of my own creations), gardens, culinary, etc.

Colours both literally and symbolically…

Changing it up,

on the canvas and beyond..

with my own ever-changing rules. lol

Well, enough, the studio beckons me..

before i go,  here is my…

Song of choice, on this day:

(i’ll be posting this video in the margin..Jem can “speak” for me) 

Ta ta for now to the few lovelies finding your way here


only a few, ’tis okay…

i decided this is the only way i will ever keep a journal (i have many lovely unfinished diaries awaiting my return).

until next time,

seek inspiration & seek to inspire,


**Ps note: Colours also spelled colors (in the US)..both are proper. i decided on just feels happier to me, and it is after all, my world. :)


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* Monday Musings…”Pieces of Music”


Pieces of Music II ©Morri

20″ x 28″ acrylic / canvas


Music is

an outburst


the soul. 

Frederick Delius


omg…Finally made it back here.

not sure where to begin…

I’ve been in the throes of working on a commissioned painting, and I am very happy to say I finally finished it last week! Alas, I cannot share it now, because it is to be a surprise gift and my client plans to have an unveiling party. I’ll post the painting after and if given permission, I’ll share some images from the party.

When away from the easel my mind has been consumed with things beyond painting. Not excluding this blog. Fashion design, cooking (healthy & tasty vegetarian dishes), re-defining my home on Fleming Island, edible landscape, to name a few!

To be has been driving me a wee bit crazy, yet I am so excited.

Since finishing the commissioned painting (title yet to be determined) I took the first step on one project. I visited a wonderful lady named Susan..a costume designer..pattern making guru! I shared my first dress design (Twyla by Morri) to her..scratched out on a yellow legal pad. tee hee  We discussed and she measured–it’s now in process. I plan to post more on that subject soon!

Enough of my future ventures/projects..

I should tell you a bit about “Pieces of Music II” I painted this piece (along with the one below) in a class some years back. It’s all my work though..I never wanted dear teachers to paint on my work..and if they did I wiped it off. :) As I most always do..I’ve been back into it several times. I think it’s done now..I just need to sign it again. I signed it before..not sure which way I signed it. (see previous post The Messenger about how I’ve signed work so many ways..until finally settling with my nickname Morri).

Here is a smaller image of the other painting…Pieces of Music I

Pieces of Music I ©Morri

14″ x 30″ acrylic/canvas (click on image to enlarge)


On the subject of music..I have to say..I don’t think I could paint without it! In the past, I would play one CD over and over until the painting was finished. Now I listen to Pandora. I love all genres of music..but I confess, I love unique quirky music..

like what I’m listening now:

                                     Little Dragon Crystalfilm: 



So these pieces are in honor of music..and how I so agree with Frederick Delius. Even though he was born 150 years ago..

his words, like music,

are timeless

“music is an outburst of the soul”

…as is painting!


ta ta for now darlings (I hope to post weekly..maybe twice)

within light..




* The Journey..voices from within.

The Journey ©Morri

24″ x 32″ acrylic on canvas

(Prints are available)

click on image to enlarge


The  journey


only to







This tactile painting The Journey sold some time ago, before I worked under my name morri. I wrote about this painting several times in the past, so I will not do so here again. If you wish to read one of the posts here’s a link to my previous blog —> gypsy-heart, I am.

The energy of this piece continues…prints are out there, and I also allowed the image to be used, from churches to to poetry..throughout the US and International.

Recently, it was on t-shirts worn at a Hispanic leadership institute for a school district in Colorado. As promised, the organizer sent me a t-shirt:

I love it ..certainly a keepsake!

The last few weeks confirmations and signs have been swirling around me (including an unexpected phone call). Many are concerning my vision/wishes concerning fashion design. It all has to do with my ideas of “Twyla” by Morri.

and yes..the name Twyla came to me by way of voice (during waking hours). Much like my name…morri.

Maybe in time, I will write more of Twyla here (also the painting revealed to me).

To ignore signs and confirmations would be quite rude of me, don’t you agree? That would be refusing gifts. Gifts..I wished for. :)


the journey goes on..

and signs & confirmations (and voices for some of us) along the way,

but we must

be aware.

For we never know when or where such may come–

until next time..

within light..