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* My solo exhibition March 7, “Looking Out..from Within”

Hello dear souls,

Well, I was wrong about taking a break from shows..I still have pieces in the Retrospective Exhibition.

and now..

Tomorrow night a solo exhibition, Friday, March 7 at The Artists Hall, 301 St. Rd. 26 Melrose, Florida. (The invitation is at the end of this post)

It all unfolded serendipitously (more on that later). One has to go with connections of mind, body, & spirit when the universe offers them..yes?

If you are looking for something to do on a chilly clear Friday evening..please stop by tomorrow night for some refreshments, wine, and a bit of art. It’s also the Melrose Art Walk night, so you may stroll around to enjoy the same in the other galleries viewing their art and shops within old houses/buildings.

I have 35 pieces (paintings, collage, & mixed media) hanging in the Artists Hall (once upon a time..a church). I can’t wait to write about my experience in this 1920 gothic church..

Artists Hall:Gothic 1920 Church Melrose, Florida

T’was built by a woman who traveled the world as a healer. She also built the 1880 house on the property (now also a gallery/studios).

I have to say, I love the energies in this old church and of all the people I’ve dealt with in Melrose..including those at the “hanging party” last night. ‘Tis a town of artists, writers/poets, musicians, etc. Here is a 2013 article concerning–>Melrose. A perfect description from my observation. I will be writing a long post next week…including about the magical “hanging party” last night!

Forgive me for not posting for weeks (again). Alas, I’ve been painting, painting, and painting.. some past, re-visited, and new work in this exhibition. I literally painted until we had to load up to deliver them. That seems to be how I roll..but I’m okay with that.

 So, If the spirit moves you, come out to the Melrose Art Walk tomorrow night. Some of us will be dining at the local Blue Water Bay restaurant around 8. Excellent food in another interesting building within walking distance (created from an old barn)!

Well, enough for now. I’ll be back next week to write about the night and will start posting some of the new paintings. Two are traditional still life..well sort of..there is a little red wing black bird peering out from behind the glass vase in one. Dandelions are the flowers of choice in the other.  Both are quite symbolic, of course…

until then..wishing you wondrous days & nights,



Here’s the invitation:

Bellamy Road Presents

Looking Out . . . From Within

Looking Out from Within ©Morri clear

Thirty-five paintings by Fleming Island, Florida artist Morri.

Morri Sims is a painter, collage, and mixed  media artist.

 Opening reception for one month exhibition

On March 7, 2014 – 6 to 9pm

LOCATION:  301 St. Rd. 26 (the old Artists Hall)

 Our office address is 309 SR 26, Melrose, Florida 32666. Phone is (352) 475-3435. Also contact by email or kbollum@comcast.netor cell phone (352) 283-9700.

Bellamy Road (The David Turner Warner Foundation, Inc.) was incorporated in 2008 as a 501 (c) (3) private operating foundation. It supports the work of creative artists in the visual arts, literature, film, music and other performing arts.

Keith C. Bollum

Exec. Dir.

Bellamy Road (David T. Warner Foundation, Inc.)

309 SR 26

Melrose, FL 32666

(352) 475-3435

mobile (352) 283-9700


* “Undefined” choice.

"is it..but a Dream?"  (Secrets of the Yellow Moon series #2) ©Morri

“Is this..but a dream?” ( Secrets of the Yellow Moon series, II ) ©Morri



once concerned me,

now It




Into our second month of 2014, and I am finally getting back to my notations.

So much I want to write but will try to narrow my focus…

I feel like I am standing on the edge of the universe..ready to soar. I’ve experienced this  “standing on the edge” feeling during dreams and meditation..visually and emotionally. Alas, this is the first time in waking life I’ve felt it so strongly and passionately. Perhaps it is my age–and yet I feel ageless…

running the space of time, from child to an ancient one.

I’ve spent the last year checking off a long list of commitments & obligations, resigning from outside organizations (worthy but too time-consuming), and removing some “unpleasantries” (commitments and people) within my life. Re-connecting to the studio, garden, meditation, positive influences and energies.

Seeking out connections and inspirations to those beyond this world as well. Through written word, meditation, music, videos, etc.

For example, this…

One video really captured me..not only as an artist but as a woman. The video is Bone Wind and Fire follow this link to view a couple of clips–> Bone Wind Fire.

Here is a description:

Bone Wind Fire is an intimate and evocative journey into the hearts, minds and eyes of Georgia O’Keeffe, Emily Carr and Frida Kahlo—three of the 20th century’s most remarkable artists.”

I marked the video in favorites and have viewed it numerous times. I also ordered the book..I want to highlight some of the words from these women artists. If I could travel back in time, I would like to call each of them a friend.

Maybe then…

Bone Wind Fire..


Earth or Energy or Spirit. tee hee

 I was curious about the creator of the video. Her name is Jill Sharpe. Check out her site. She is also an inspiration..she happens to be a painter as well.

For me the time is now..and I know it. It is not recognition I seek. In fact, I find myself retreating from the world a bit more these days..within a smaller circle (by choice) of wonderful beloved family and friends. One needs quiet to hear the voices from within and beyond. Besides, “interest” usually comes after death. Though I am already “dead” in a sense. Does that count? ha My “death story” still floats out there on my old blog..old name, old life. (update: now its been 24 years). I let it be to help others if they happen to stumble upon it. As for me I am weary of the subject and have closed that chapter.

Save this, lesson learned…

It all circles back to not letting others define you! I must say though..

within death, I am more alive than ever in my life..

undefined–by choice.


The time is now…

song of choice tonight:

“Live Your Life” by Yuna


More soon. I have an unexpected solo show on March 7th.

Below is a painting crop I used for my facebook banner. The original is hanging along with two others in a wonderful exhibition titled Florida Artists Retrospective

Passion Flower (wildflower series)©Morri

Passion Flower (wildflower series)©Morri

Well enough for tonight..I wrote much more than I intended.

‘Til next time.

Good energies & happiest thoughts,

* Monday night musings..time to dance.

Close crop of vase (dandelion series #! ) ©Morri

Close crop of vase (dandelion series #! ) ©Morri

Thousands of emotions

well up inside me

throughout the day.

They are released

when I dance.

-A Lincony


More to come on this new series and why dandelion or dandelions will be in each piece.(“behaving as the wind behaves.” -T.S. Eliot) Expressionism and symbolism again. I cannot help myself..I think that way–even in every day mundane things. I also have a need to add numbers up to a total..connected to symbolism (numerology). I wonder if there is a term for this..for those like me that cannot help thinking in symbolism?

The experts say Monday is not a good day to post. Monday night may be even worse. I think one should post when in the mood and time allows. Of course, I guess that depends on your reason for posting in the first place.

Last week I listened to far too MUCH news and read all the facebook posts about the same issues. I know the world seems far from perfect..and I cannot fix it. Of course, I do what I can do to help make it a better place for those in my local world and beyond especially through humanitarian causes.


Sometimes..I just need to step away from all of it and focus on my simple quiet little world here.

This is such a time, and I am off to a good start on this new week…

Today…Mid – ‘morn (notice I did not say..early ‘morn)


* Garden…

sun tea steeping on the garden wall.

Pineapple & orange herbal mint sun tea (photo ©Morri)

Pineapple & orange herbal mint sun tea steeping on garden wall. (photo ©Morri)

How to make Herbal Mint sun tea:

Garden mint herbs of choice

today mine were pineapple and orange mint.

Fill glass container with water and sprigs of mint.

Place in sun and leave for several hours or more.

Chill or pour over ice and enjoy.

(Note: you can steep it in the refrigerator, but I like the sun tea process. Also the possibilities are endless..I even have chocolate mint in the garden. You can also use tea bags)


Confirmations, magic, & “messages” in the much more I could share, but do not wish to bore or overwhelm you…

Pink Zinnia & Winged Creature (Photo ©Morri)

Pink Zinnia & Winged Creature (Photo ©Morri)

Green - Gold Beetle with heart - (garden photo ©Morri)

Green – Gold Beetle with heart – Isn’t it divine! (garden photo ©Morri)

Spider web heart (confirmation) from the garden (photo ©Morri)

Spider web heart (confirmation) from the garden. Weaving such loveliness.  (photo ©Morri)

Ladybug in garden photo ©Morri

Ladybug Ladybug..a touch of red is always nice! (garden photo ©Morri

Lovely Ladybug..helper in the garden.

* Kitchen…

All day slowly roasting cherry tomatoes in the oven.. rosemary sprigs, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with Mediterranean sea salt. The aroma throughout the house was divine.

Cherry tomatoes, rosemary sprigs, olive oil, & Mediterranean salt (photo by Morri)

Cherry tomatoes, rosemary sprigs, olive oil, & Mediterranean sea salt (photo by Morri)


* Late afternoon I headed up to the studio to step into on..away from the world..the good and the complexity of it all.

Now –> A gIass or two of Merlot (for good health..of course)…


I’ll try to





Time to Dance. 

by Tricky


ta ta ’til next time,

seek inspiration & seek to inspire,


* Wildflowers among nature & in humans.

Blue Jacket aka Spiderwort wildflower ©Morri

Blue Jacket aka Spiderwort wildflower ©Morri


I am so small I can barely be seen.

How can this great love be inside me? – Rumi


This was painted for Flor500 ( I am #180 in Region 3 on the website). “BlueJacket aka Spiderworts” has been a special exhibition at a gallery in Tallahassee, Florida. It just came safely back to my door last week..thank you my very handsome UPS gentleman. hee hee

I selected this particular wildflower because I have always thought these small flowers so beautiful, and I am always captured by their wild messiness. They grow like large blades of grass unnoticed..until they burst apart exploding with tiny magic from within. Who would imagine something so simple could spill open with such seductive beauty?

Some people are like that.

Look for them..they are the wildflowers among us.

I am drawn to such souls.

Dancers of the same song. Maybe it’s you dear reader that found your way here?

Okay, as much as I wish not…

back to the real world.

I plan to start posting again. I’ve been working on my 2013 list..almost completed. I never imagined I would be saying almost seven months into the year. Yet..practicing patience was another goal and I am pleased to say I have.

Getting organized does free up the energies. The studio is patiently waiting for full-time return. Among other things, I am to begin two new paintings..for a group exhibition entitled “Retrospective” coming February 14 2014. I’ll be with 17 other artists that had solo shows in this my opinion, one of the loveliest in our areas. more on that soon.

Before I take leave–as I’ve said numerous times..I need music and I am always looking for something that moves or inspires me. Usually not main stream.

On this hot July night this sultry song is such..eerily beautiful.


by Skye



Exhale lovelies..







You hold the key!




* dear zinnias, in my garden.

Zinnia anew ©Morri

Zinnia Anew ©Morri

11″ x 14″ oil/canvas (click on image to enlarge)


Dear Zinnias,



you are…
















morri, morri

how does your garden grow?


I fear.

My garden dirt was growing impatient with me..

Garden Face of Clay 2013 (iphone photo) ©Morri

Garden Face of Clay 2013 (iphone photo) ©Morri

Sadly, I do not visit the garden often when coldness consumes the days. Winter lingered a bit too long, but I think he finally took leave of us.

Happily last week the zinnias were planted in the area under the first window, just beyond the herb urn. Please excuse the messiness and neglect of my garden area..I am in the throes of tidying up.

I do have a few other things planted and will add more along the way. I am thinking mostly flowers this year. Which means I will help the local farmers by purchasing vegetables from their gardens.

Alas, tonight I have a particular flower in mind.


I am quite fond of them. What they lack in fragrance, they make up for in other ways.

A few reasons I welcome them in my garden–

Speaking from practicality:

* Fairly disease resistant

* Hardy stems

* Little care

Speaking from the heart:

* Yummy bright colors

* Variety

* Bees and butterflies are fond of them too

So if you come upon them, do study them closely. You will see a lot of diversity. Some will have one layer of petals, while others will have layers within layers..tiny flowers within flowers.

Colours within colours.

Thankfully, they are not prima donnas among the flowers (which some of my beloved roses and other flowers can be). Sort of zen flowers, they are.

Not only lovely to view, but as summer nears to

paint again.

I can not believe I’ve only painted this one, until now. Here is the story of how it came to be…


“Zinnia Anew”

This was painted for a class assignment some years ago. We had to have a series of I decided upon a series of floral paintings. One of my first attempts at painted energies around or within a subject.

My professor teased me saying it looked like an artichoke. At the time, it hurt my feelings a bit, but now his words make me smile. 

Perhaps it does look like such. 

Today I googled artichokes, and the base of the flower does resemble it. After seeing the google images I’ve fallen in love with the artichoke flowers..reminds me of thistles (a purple wild flower here that I love). So now I am on a quest to see if I can grow them next winter in our north Florida climate.

Yes, I see artichoke paintings..possibly within a series. hee hee

So thank you, professor D. O.

Remember I am practicing patience–> one of my 2013 life changes. So though I am eager to place the petals on canvas..I am enjoying the process. From placing the seeds in prepared earth until their leaves make their way thru…

Zinnia Plants 2013 (iphone Photo) ©Morriiphone photo from the garden this afternoon.

I love how it looks as though the two plants are gently touching. I confess, I have a problem thinning..culling out something so divine.

So I not.


I await the unfolding of the tiny petals. Like the little petal unfolding in this painting, from long ago.


Well, so much more I would like to share..but I must hush for now for it growing late.

Leaving you with my song of choice tonight…

Nocturne – Secret Garden


Good night, lovelies..

dream sweetly.

‘Til next time.

Within light,

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