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Dragonfly Muse

Dragonfly Muse ©Morri (sold)

acrylic on canvas



the shapeshifter.

ancient of days,


catcher of light.



This painting, like many of mine do, went through changes. It was titled Water Lilies II and was just that..second in a series of water lilies.

A couple saw it in one of my shows and she felt a connection to this piece. So it was reserved, by her husband, for a birthday present for her.

beyond that–the story, as there always is…

The painting hung in the same spot in my home gallery.. before the show and after. I am quite fond of water lilies..and all that circles in and out of that world. So I enjoyed painting this..and then stepping into it when I passed by. Alas, I always felt something was missing. When the birthday was nearing I decided to talk to the client about my thoughts. I told him I wanted to add something..and he gave me complete freedom to do as I wished. I visited the waterlilies around our docks and I knew…dragonfly. (That led me to researching their history and symbolic meaning).

dragonfly (click to read the meaning)

 Dragonfly muse, indeed.

Added Post Note: Unbelievable how much time has passed since I last visited here and left a few words..such good intentions on my part! I am continuously making changes in my life to free up time & rid myself of negative energies.

Life is wonderfully busy…and so very very sweet! I feel no hurried pressures..allowing all to unfold when and if it is meant to be. It will be interesting to see how these new life chapters are written. Let it begin…I’lI have a brush in hand.

I hope to return soon. Until then…

Happiest thoughts,


Ps As noted in a comment below..this unfinished post was an accident. Yet..maybe not. :)

8 Responses to “Dragonfly Muse”

  1. morri

    Ps @ is my intention to do better about posting here in 2016. I said I was stepping away from some of my time consuming online venues for a spell to focus on “real life”..I had no idea it would be this long. I’m looking forward to writing here again. Alas, my feelings have not changed about will continue to limit my time there.

  2. morri

    Hi nice to find your note! What a sweet memory..they are magical!

    You are right about busy, we’re busier than ever! Among other things, working on the Drayton Island house. It’s moving along well and we are on schedule to finish it in 2016. so yay on’s been a long journey.

    I’m finally back in the studio painting..working in a new direction. I feel these series reflect the positive changes within my life. I also have a large commissioned piece I’ll begin after the holidays. So 2016 is already unfolding as busy..but that’s a good thing.
    All is well in my world…I’m totally happy and at peace with all of my decisions.

    Let me know how you are and about your me via fb inbox or email me so we can keep it private.

    Thank you again, for stopping by and taking the time to leave me a are a darling! muah!!

    xo and happiest thoughts,


  3. Kacey

    Awe, my new favorite..I adore dragonflies. Loved sitting in the yard, where we played as kids, and and they would lite on my finger or toes, bob their heads, take off and lite again. I wondered what thy were thinking as I talked to them. I know you’re a busy lady and may not read this for weeks…or months. Just wanted to stop by again and see if there was any updates. Love you Sweet Lady

  4. mother wintermoon

    Yep, the universe was giving you a nudge, as am I! :-) I hope to see you around blogland soon, I’ve missed your posts and our interactions. Peace and love, MW

  5. morri

    Wow..indeed! How wonderful to hear from you, MW! So sorry you’ve had health issues–I hope that is behind you now! Thank you for the kind words, you are an inspiration!

    I’ve been so busy with life I’ve neglected posting here. Time escapes me, I hope to change that soon. This post was an accident..perhaps the universe was giving me a nudge. hee hee
    I hope to start visiting blogs soon too.
    Happiest thoughts and good energies to you!
    ~morri ☮

  6. mother wintermoon

    Wow, it must be in the cards to have a reunion, because I just recently started blogging again after years away due to a health crisis. The painting and the words accompanying are gorgeous! It’s wonderful to see your work and words again. Peace, love and dragonflies! MW

  7. morri

    Thank you, dear Grace!

    This was an unintentional I left in drafts some time ago. I’m not quite sure how I “published” it last night..the lateness of the hour or the red wine or both? ha
    So I too found the words this morning and the “dragonfly” message was quite telling. Perhaps my own words saved by me until now, for a needed time.
    I’m shapeshifting, yet again. hee hee

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving me such a lovely note! You have inspired me to return to our blogging world! I have cleared some time obstacles so I no longer have an excuse.

    Happiest thoughts and good energies,

  8. Grace

    It’s beautiful, Morri. Dragonfly is a powerful totem…one that has flown into my own life several times over the last decade plus whenever something deeply transformational is happening or about to happen. Your work is stunning as always, and it was nice seeing you on my feed this morning.

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