Remembrance ©Morri (crop : zoom)

Remembrance ©Morri # I ( cropped area )

I love texture.

This cropped area of Remembrance makes me happy..energies + colors + texture. Layers upon layers of paint and paintings from beneath. Brush strokes overlapping and intertwined…creating depth, like chapters in life.

Painted for an exhibition last year, it was the first of a new still-life series with black and white checks somewhere within. I think I’m done–possibly maybe..

Remembrance ©Morri (#I, b/w checkered still life series)

Remembrance ©Morri #I

 Life is not all about rules (written in black and white). 

break the rules–make the rules 

live a textured life..

live deeply.


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Music choice..

Janelle Monae (where have you been in my life?) 

Love her moves, her message, and her style! 

“you can rock it or you can leave”