The Encounter ©Morri (cropped from the original larger painting)

I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads.

Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel.

~ Rosalia de Castro

I thought this crop of The Encounter painting fitting as I’m on a new path(s). I hope the panther in the painting will forgive me for cropping her out. Perhaps at another time, I will post the entire painting. After all..she was the encountered.

Anyway I signed up for a website a few years was a special, thus a great price. The time for the renewal is fast approaching and the cost is a lot more $. I never felt comfortable within that format…not easy for a technically challenged soul. I disliked logging in one venue to work on the website and coming here to work on the blog. I don’t know about you, but I am quite weary of passwords. :~O

Also..this was to be the year of simplifying. So I thought why not move my website here with my blog. Much more to do, so I will continue working on it. I want to have several portfolio genre’s, but for now it will only be paintings with a few mixed media and collage sprinkled in. I thought it decent enough to publish..besides my brain is tired.

I am thinking that is all I will say tonight. Now that I have my website and blog all in one place I feel more motivated to visit here. I’ve been fairly quiet for a few years..very sketchy blogging. I think that is over now.

Back soon to settle in more and write a real post. Like Rosalia de Castro’s quoted words, I don’t know where this leads…yet I’m inspired!

Good energies to you!



Song of choice tonight: “They” by Jem. Nothing to do with this post…just because the message appeals to me. I am becoming more and more of a rule breaker–quietly and politely so..of course. :) No more pretending or playing the “games” (esp about people) makes for a much happier & peaceful life!