As promised in a past note..here is the entire passion-flower painting…

Passion Flowers, Wildflower series ©Morri 30" x 36" approx acrylic/wrapped canvas

Passion Flowers, Wildflower series #II ©Morri
                                         30″ x 36″ approx acrylic/wrapped canvas

Click on the image to enlarge..you may stumble upon a few mysterious faces within the shadows..persistent (as usual) “they” were. Can you spot one of the faces/masks that appeared? I will post one at the end. 



is a balance


holding on


letting go.



I cannot believe how much time has slipped by! Some time back, I said this would be a time of practicing patience. I had no idea it would be this long. I think I started this journey in early 2013.

Yet..I have no regrets.

For a spell I felt worried and guilty for not being in the studio..as if had to work on art pieces. Now I’ve made peace with it..the studio will be there when the time is right for my return. The time is very near..and when I do: I will work from an entirely different energy..not for classes/workshops, shows, commissions…

The passion-flower painting and the other paintings I did earlier this year (for the two shows) were the beginning of a new direction. One direction–attempting to express the energies I see or feel around me, even more. Perhaps you can see those energies within this piece?

I will post the other pieces soon. I am eager to work on the new series and ideas. Series and ideas that have been rambling around the halls of my mind while I’ve been on this art sabbatical.

In the mean time, I continue crossing things off my list..a list of culling, simplifying, organizing, planting of gardens, resigning (from clubs/obligations), and renovating.

This has been life changing for me..

♥ I found time to step away from the world..enjoying my gardens and kitchen. I’ve always loved gardening but cooking, not so much. Now cooking is one of my fondest curiosities. I knew beyond yoga and actual meditation that gardening and painting are meditative..I had no idea culinary ventures are as well. Perhaps I’ll eventually post some of my successes and failures. ha

♥ From the garden:

In honor of nature (and with gratefulness) for the passion-flower painting source, a few of my passion-flower shots. I have more photos & some stories to share concerning my passion-flowers and the Gulf Fritillary Butterflies,, Caterpillars, Chrysalises, and me. What I believe were magical moments ..

Passion-flower vine from my garden and one of the Gulf Fritillary Butterfly Caterpillars "we" are hosting  (cell photo) ©Morri

Passion-flower vine from my garden and one of the Gulf Fritillary Butterfly Caterpillars “we” are hosting (cell photo) ©Morri

Gulf Fritillary Butterfly Caterpillar on my passion-flower vine (cell photo) ©Morri

Gulf Fritillary Butterfly Caterpillar on the passion-flower vine highway. (cell photo) ©Morri

Gulf Fritillary Butterfly Caterpillar on my Passion-flower tendril (cell photo) ©Morri

Gulf Fritillary Butterfly Caterpillar seeking the perfect spot to hang for transformation He/she did not select this Passion-flower tendril. (cell photo) ©Morri

I have a lot more photos from my worlds & worlds within worlds. Though not working in the studio, I’ve been taking photos..almost daily.

♥ Returning to the “quiet” and nature has allowed signs and confirmations to appear in my life again. Life is such a mysterious puzzle..yes? I used to write of such things on my previous blog gypsy-heart, I am. MUCH has changed since then..not just my art but my life. Thankfully..positively so! I almost removed that blog..but I still receive notes from people out there. Just had such a note this week concerning a post from the past–> The Sign. So I will leave it be as long as it continues to help or inspire even one person.

Working again on our Drayton Island projects.. Here’s the 1880 house in process:

Villa Mystique : Drayton Island, Florida project (photo by morri)

“Villa Mystique” (Drayton Island, Florida project..photo by morri)

More photos and updates to come.

Well, enough for tonight. I forgot how much I enjoy this journaling format. I’ve neglected posting here, Facebook consumed my on-line time the last few years. I pondered deactivating or even deleting my accounts there, then something lovely and positive happens. So will leave it be for now. Alas, I believe my on-line time will be mainly here.

before I go..

Here’s one of the faces/masks…the least shy:


click to enlarge to say hello.

Last but not least..

Music video choice for tonight is—>Mystery of Life – Nickodemus (just because..)

So get up and dance (as I am)..I know you will want to!


 ta ta ’til next time,

 —> Seek the positive energies within family, friends, & places.

Life is far too short, not to.  

Happiest thoughts,


morri sims (reflective mode) III ©Morri