There is a


inside you


to burst

open into



Here are my brief thoughts this week…

The exhibition was wonderful, especially the gathering of friends (old and new) and guests. Afterward a large group of us walked down the street for a wonderful dinner. What a special time that was..a perfect way to end an opening night.

Not many photos, as I forgot to arrange it. I will take a photo of the work hanging before we take it down next month. Below is one photo kindly sent to me..friends, guests, and me (in the green scarf). I will have to post an image of the scarf later..green in honor of coming spring and it has black birds on it. Black birds are in quite a few of my pieces in this show..crows and Redwing.

“Looking out..from Within” solo exhibition – Morri (3-7-2014)

I like this photo because you can see a wee bit of the hall. I love the old church windows. I so regret not shooting photos of the room before people started arriving. In the center of the large hall of old wood floors was an area to sit and view the work or to simply rest. The square area was created out of old church pews facing out. If still there when I return I will certainly get a photo.

Some music events are happening this month..and I like that my work will be there while music fills the room. In fact, we may attend one of the events. A singer described as a torch singer .. cabaret style. Of course, I will tell you more if we travel back for her.


I believe I mentioned in my last post it all unfolded very quickly, so It was very hectic during the weeks leading up it. Then after, the weekend seemed almost a blur.

Come Monday though…

I was back in my little hermit world and all was sweetly quiet again.

All week I have been busy, quietly and productively preparing by clearing out spaces. Literal spaces as in rooms in our home..but also within. Clearing the areas and energies making way for creative and spiritual discoveries and for a living gallery here.

Well, I am meandering in thoughts & plans….enough.

last week I did not post a music video..so do those words even count?

Tonight I chose this

No rhyme or reason..or connection to this post. Just because, it made me want to dance….

never miss an opportunity to dance, dear hearts


Until next week…

wishing you wondrous days & nights,