"is it..but a Dream?"  (Secrets of the Yellow Moon series #2) ©Morri

“Is this..but a dream?” ( Secrets of the Yellow Moon series, II ) ©Morri



once concerned me,

now It




Into our second month of 2014, and I am finally getting back to my notations.

So much I want to write but will try to narrow my focus…

I feel like I am standing on the edge of the universe..ready to soar. I’ve experienced this  “standing on the edge” feeling during dreams and meditation..visually and emotionally. Alas, this is the first time in waking life I’ve felt it so strongly and passionately. Perhaps it is my age–and yet I feel ageless…

running the space of time, from child to an ancient one.

I’ve spent the last year checking off a long list of commitments & obligations, resigning from outside organizations (worthy but too time-consuming), and removing some “unpleasantries” (commitments and people) within my life. Re-connecting to the studio, garden, meditation, positive influences and energies.

Seeking out connections and inspirations to those beyond this world as well. Through written word, meditation, music, videos, etc.

For example, this…

One video really captured me..not only as an artist but as a woman. The video is Bone Wind and Fire follow this link to view a couple of clips–> Bone Wind Fire.

Here is a description:

Bone Wind Fire is an intimate and evocative journey into the hearts, minds and eyes of Georgia O’Keeffe, Emily Carr and Frida Kahlo—three of the 20th century’s most remarkable artists.”

I marked the video in favorites and have viewed it numerous times. I also ordered the book..I want to highlight some of the words from these women artists. If I could travel back in time, I would like to call each of them a friend.

Maybe then…

Bone Wind Fire..


Earth or Energy or Spirit. tee hee

 I was curious about the creator of the video. Her name is Jill Sharpe. Check out her site. She is also an inspiration..she happens to be a painter as well.

For me the time is now..and I know it. It is not recognition I seek. In fact, I find myself retreating from the world a bit more these days..within a smaller circle (by choice) of wonderful beloved family and friends. One needs quiet to hear the voices from within and beyond. Besides, “interest” usually comes after death. Though I am already “dead” in a sense. Does that count? ha My “death story” still floats out there on my old blog..old name, old life. (update: now its been 24 years). I let it be to help others if they happen to stumble upon it. As for me I am weary of the subject and have closed that chapter.

Save this, lesson learned…

It all circles back to not letting others define you! I must say though..

within death, I am more alive than ever in my life..

undefined–by choice.


The time is now…

song of choice tonight:

“Live Your Life” by Yuna


More soon. I have an unexpected solo show on March 7th.

Below is a painting crop I used for my facebook banner. The original is hanging along with two others in a wonderful exhibition titled Florida Artists Retrospective

Passion Flower (wildflower series)©Morri

Passion Flower (wildflower series)©Morri

Well enough for tonight..I wrote much more than I intended.

‘Til next time.

Good energies & happiest thoughts,