Close crop of vase (dandelion series #! ) ©Morri

Close crop of vase (dandelion series #! ) ©Morri

Thousands of emotions

well up inside me

throughout the day.

They are released

when I dance.

-A Lincony


More to come on this new series and why dandelion or dandelions will be in each piece.(“behaving as the wind behaves.” -T.S. Eliot) Expressionism and symbolism again. I cannot help myself..I think that way–even in every day mundane things. I also have a need to add numbers up to a total..connected to symbolism (numerology). I wonder if there is a term for this..for those like me that cannot help thinking in symbolism?

The experts say Monday is not a good day to post. Monday night may be even worse. I think one should post when in the mood and time allows. Of course, I guess that depends on your reason for posting in the first place.

Last week I listened to far too MUCH news and read all the facebook posts about the same issues. I know the world seems far from perfect..and I cannot fix it. Of course, I do what I can do to help make it a better place for those in my local world and beyond especially through humanitarian causes.


Sometimes..I just need to step away from all of it and focus on my simple quiet little world here.

This is such a time, and I am off to a good start on this new week…

Today…Mid – ‘morn (notice I did not say..early ‘morn)


* Garden…

sun tea steeping on the garden wall.

Pineapple & orange herbal mint sun tea (photo ©Morri)

Pineapple & orange herbal mint sun tea steeping on garden wall. (photo ©Morri)

How to make Herbal Mint sun tea:

Garden mint herbs of choice

today mine were pineapple and orange mint.

Fill glass container with water and sprigs of mint.

Place in sun and leave for several hours or more.

Chill or pour over ice and enjoy.

(Note: you can steep it in the refrigerator, but I like the sun tea process. Also the possibilities are endless..I even have chocolate mint in the garden. You can also use tea bags)


Confirmations, magic, & “messages” in the much more I could share, but do not wish to bore or overwhelm you…

Pink Zinnia & Winged Creature (Photo ©Morri)

Pink Zinnia & Winged Creature (Photo ©Morri)

Green - Gold Beetle with heart - (garden photo ©Morri)

Green – Gold Beetle with heart – Isn’t it divine! (garden photo ©Morri)

Spider web heart (confirmation) from the garden (photo ©Morri)

Spider web heart (confirmation) from the garden. Weaving such loveliness.  (photo ©Morri)

Ladybug in garden photo ©Morri

Ladybug Ladybug..a touch of red is always nice! (garden photo ©Morri

Lovely Ladybug..helper in the garden.

* Kitchen…

All day slowly roasting cherry tomatoes in the oven.. rosemary sprigs, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with Mediterranean sea salt. The aroma throughout the house was divine.

Cherry tomatoes, rosemary sprigs, olive oil, & Mediterranean salt (photo by Morri)

Cherry tomatoes, rosemary sprigs, olive oil, & Mediterranean sea salt (photo by Morri)


* Late afternoon I headed up to the studio to step into on..away from the world..the good and the complexity of it all.

Now –> A gIass or two of Merlot (for good health..of course)…


I’ll try to





Time to Dance. 

by Tricky


ta ta ’til next time,

seek inspiration & seek to inspire,