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* Wildflowers among nature & in humans.

Blue Jacket aka Spiderwort wildflower ©Morri

Blue Jacket aka Spiderwort wildflower ©Morri


I am so small I can barely be seen.

How can this great love be inside me? – Rumi


This was painted for Flor500 ( I am #180 in Region 3 on the website). “BlueJacket aka Spiderworts” has been a special exhibition at a gallery in Tallahassee, Florida. It just came safely back to my door last week..thank you my very handsome UPS gentleman. hee hee

I selected this particular wildflower because I have always thought these small flowers so beautiful, and I am always captured by their wild messiness. They grow like large blades of grass unnoticed..until they burst apart exploding with tiny magic from within. Who would imagine something so simple could spill open with such seductive beauty?

Some people are like that.

Look for them..they are the wildflowers among us.

I am drawn to such souls.

Dancers of the same song. Maybe it’s you dear reader that found your way here?

Okay, as much as I wish not…

back to the real world.

I plan to start posting again. I’ve been working on my 2013 list..almost completed. I never imagined I would be saying almost seven months into the year. Yet..practicing patience was another goal and I am pleased to say I have.

Getting organized does free up the energies. The studio is patiently waiting for full-time return. Among other things, I am to begin two new paintings..for a group exhibition entitled “Retrospective” coming February 14 2014. I’ll be with 17 other artists that had solo shows in this my opinion, one of the loveliest in our areas. more on that soon.

Before I take leave–as I’ve said numerous times..I need music and I am always looking for something that moves or inspires me. Usually not main stream.

On this hot July night this sultry song is such..eerily beautiful.


by Skye



Exhale lovelies..







You hold the key!



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