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* dear zinnias, in my garden.

Zinnia anew ©Morri

Zinnia Anew ©Morri

11″ x 14″ oil/canvas (click on image to enlarge)


Dear Zinnias,



you are…
















morri, morri

how does your garden grow?


I fear.

My garden dirt was growing impatient with me..

Garden Face of Clay 2013 (iphone photo) ©Morri

Garden Face of Clay 2013 (iphone photo) ©Morri

Sadly, I do not visit the garden often when coldness consumes the days. Winter lingered a bit too long, but I think he finally took leave of us.

Happily last week the zinnias were planted in the area under the first window, just beyond the herb urn. Please excuse the messiness and neglect of my garden area..I am in the throes of tidying up.

I do have a few other things planted and will add more along the way. I am thinking mostly flowers this year. Which means I will help the local farmers by purchasing vegetables from their gardens.

Alas, tonight I have a particular flower in mind.


I am quite fond of them. What they lack in fragrance, they make up for in other ways.

A few reasons I welcome them in my garden–

Speaking from practicality:

* Fairly disease resistant

* Hardy stems

* Little care

Speaking from the heart:

* Yummy bright colors

* Variety

* Bees and butterflies are fond of them too

So if you come upon them, do study them closely. You will see a lot of diversity. Some will have one layer of petals, while others will have layers within layers..tiny flowers within flowers.

Colours within colours.

Thankfully, they are not prima donnas among the flowers (which some of my beloved roses and other flowers can be). Sort of zen flowers, they are.

Not only lovely to view, but as summer nears to

paint again.

I can not believe I’ve only painted this one, until now. Here is the story of how it came to be…


“Zinnia Anew”

This was painted for a class assignment some years ago. We had to have a series of I decided upon a series of floral paintings. One of my first attempts at painted energies around or within a subject.

My professor teased me saying it looked like an artichoke. At the time, it hurt my feelings a bit, but now his words make me smile. 

Perhaps it does look like such. 

Today I googled artichokes, and the base of the flower does resemble it. After seeing the google images I’ve fallen in love with the artichoke flowers..reminds me of thistles (a purple wild flower here that I love). So now I am on a quest to see if I can grow them next winter in our north Florida climate.

Yes, I see artichoke paintings..possibly within a series. hee hee

So thank you, professor D. O.

Remember I am practicing patience–> one of my 2013 life changes. So though I am eager to place the petals on canvas..I am enjoying the process. From placing the seeds in prepared earth until their leaves make their way thru…

Zinnia Plants 2013 (iphone Photo) ©Morriiphone photo from the garden this afternoon.

I love how it looks as though the two plants are gently touching. I confess, I have a problem thinning..culling out something so divine.

So I not.


I await the unfolding of the tiny petals. Like the little petal unfolding in this painting, from long ago.


Well, so much more I would like to share..but I must hush for now for it growing late.

Leaving you with my song of choice tonight…

Nocturne – Secret Garden


Good night, lovelies..

dream sweetly.

‘Til next time.

Within light,

One Response to “* dear zinnias, in my garden.”

  1. Merve

    This coming smumer of May we will be moving to Marilao, Bulacan and I would really like to have my own garden in our humble abode.After all the pressure and stress in the city jungle having a view like this is indeed a good respite from the city hustle and bustle.====

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