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* Garden of Shadows


Wild Blackberry Flower - Woodland Fleming Isle (Photo) ©Morri - Lens of Morri

Wild Blackberry Flower – Woodland, Fleming Isle (Photo)
©Morri – Lens of Morri

Spring of 2013





the beauty of nature.



only attempt..

to honor it.



 Oh my..March 23, already officially spring..season of enchantments for me. (fall is the other)
Hard to believe I was last here November 2012.
Am I okay with that?

I decided to focus on practicing patience in 2013, and I am happy to say I am doing fairly well in my practice!

At least..for the imperfect perfectionist that I am.

I feel like the precious little blackberry flower..

                                                           weaving through the shadows & obstacles

making way to the light!

I’ve been patiently weaving .. worldly obstacles aside to allow time and focus on things, of heart!

                Making way for time in the studio, in the garden, nature, in another places near and far.

More time to connect with those I love and the beauty around me. More time to simply

                                                        just be..


along the way

 capturing life thru the lens of my camera or painting ..

Blackberries Wild (‘en plein air) ©Morri

Blackberries Wild (‘en plein air) ©Morri
Acrylic / wrapped canvas


Yep..I’m feeling quite inspired and happy these days–in the beginning of spring.

            into the land of enchantment 

I go…

(leaving you with my song choice for this post)

I find it eerily inviting..I do so love yummy unique music.


Within the

garden of shadows




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