Painter • Collagist • Mixed media

* The Colour Orange and Being Free

River Song ©Morri

24″ x 32″ acrylic/canvas


A bird

doesn’t sing


it has an answer,

it sings


it has a song.

-Maya Angelou


 Well, I am in the midst of preparing for I want to begin the new year off right. I was not going to worry about posting here until after all the holidays, but for some reason today I was drawn to this little space.

It has been cold and gray here the last couple of unlike Florida! Thus, my choice to post this painting. (**see a little story about this commissioned piece below)

Okay, back to the subject of orange

for one thing..

I LOVE the colour orange..I think I fell in love with it, by accident.

I never realized how much it finds its way into my art work and in my life. I’ve been organizing my studio and I started noticing how many pieces have orange in them! Now I am pondering painting my studio walls least one or two.


 Orange makes me feel happy and WARM.


 Okay..beyond art (which I am allowed to do on here) lol

* Note: I’m still deciding what I want this little blog to be about. Obviously, I am all about art..yet it’s not what I am ALL about. I have some artist friends that live and breathe art..competitively trying so hard to be a famous artist, I guess. I think I was on that train for a while..but grew weary of it. Not that I was obsessed with it..but you can get carried away with yourself especially with winning awards, prizes, and exhibitions. That is not what started my journey, and I refuse to let that define me as an artist or as a person. Either someone connects to my work (and me) or they don’t.

I will do as I initially intended here, just post about whatever suits my fancy..

which tends to be a lot. tee hee

So back to beyond art..

Like my scarves, of orange….

All ordered from Amazon (Prime, no doubt)

A girl (or guy) can never have too many scarves..agreed?

and beyond scarves…

Look at this colorful piece I found:

 $2.00 on clearance

I think it is meant to be a strapless blouse, but for me it will be a skirt (top of the knee) paired with a black (or white) turtle neck, black tights & boots with a faded jeans jacket. For winter, of course..and yes, summer brings other possibilities for this little non-skirt.

Hmm…maybe I’ll start posting photos of what I throw together.

Well, now..

I thought blogging too time consuming, but I throughly enjoyed this and now I am thinking I will use the time I was spending on facebook.

Note: I think I am over Facebook! They control that world..they keep changing things up (especially the business pages). My other reason is I often find it SO fake and back in high school days. 

Before I hush for now…My song for this post is by  the lovely Vicci Martinez <–check out her website!

A powerful message to me and if you wish, to you…


My My





(bringing more orange into my world..and limited time on Facebook)


ta ta ’til next time,

seek inspiration & seek to inspire,


** Note: River Song was commissioned for the cover of a directory. Then the painting was in the collection of the owners of the publishing company. It hung in a few local community and government places in our county and was to be moved across the river to another county to a permanent location. I was commissioned to create another painting this year, but then one of the owners became seriously ill during the process last year. Some other things unfolded..anyway, there was discussion of using the River Song image for another directory in another county. I finally asked about simply having the painting back and calling it even…they finally agreed. I am happy to have the little red-winged blackbird singing on my wall now.



6 Responses to “* The Colour Orange and Being Free”

  1. morri

    Hi Olivia!

    I think there are a lot of us growing weary of it. Of course, there are some positive things about it..but they keep changing the rules just when I figure things out. lol

    Yes..Amazon has some lovely unique and inexpensive scarves. So far, I’ve been pleased with all of them.

    I guess I’ve always been drawn to orange and warm yellows (my first LOVE is yellow ochre). I don’t think orange and purple clash at all..good energy colors!!

    Thank you for your encouragement. After the holidays I hope to do some blog visiting and make this a regular thing again. Though..I will try to keep it balanced this time around. It got so crazy last time on gypsy-heart, I am ..I finally decided to just ran away. ha ha

    Good and creative energies to you, my dear!


  2. 4 Rooms and the Moon

    Hey Morri, I agree! I am so over face book, I think I am too old or something, but it seems so empty to me, so useless. I so love orange! I was just thinking about buying some orange scarves, Amazon, huh? Didn’t think of that! I fell in love with orange when I was 12 and I had a pumpkinish orange sweater, and on “Clash Day” I wore it with purple capris – which didn’t seem to clash at all to me, but I figured it would to everyone else, and it did! Anyway – love that painting, so happy to hear you got it back afterall. I remember Gypsy Heart too!

  3. morri

    Good evening, dear Bo!

    Yes, you and I have a history! ;~) I hope to keep my posts more frequent on here this time. I seem to have more than ever irons in the fire and fires going..hoping to slow down on some of my responsibilities in 2013!

    You’re right..Facebook etc got in everyone’s way! I don’t like how they keep changing if to toy with you. At least on here I am somewhat in control. lol

    I’m so glad you are still feeling connections to The Journey! I will have to get over soon to see what your latest amazing photographs are!!


  4. Bo Mackison

    Ah, Morri. I love finding you talking on a blog again. We met on your gypsy heart blog all those years ago, before FaceBook etc got in everyone’s way. And I love seeing your moon painting hanging in my studio — I often smile as I gaze at it. Wondering…. Yes, real life is much more to my liking, too.

  5. morri

    Thank you kindly! So we have some connections..that makes me happy!

    Happy Holidays to you too, dear MissMolly!


  6. missmolly72

    I love that painting, Morri! I love orange too!! Orange makes me so happy. I have a huge framed giclee of “Flaming June” hanging in my home. I am finding Facebook plastic as well and find myself spending less and less time on there these days. I need more “real life” and less “virtual”. Happy Holidays, my dear.

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