Colours of Night ©Morri

24″ x 32″ acrylic on canvas


“Mere colour…

can speak 

to the


in a


different ways.”

~ Oscar Wilde


It seems i’ve been preparing for this time…it’s been quite a journey–life and me.

Some of which seemed





rigid rules


black and white.

A lot of which is reflected in my past art. i cannot deny that part of my life, nor that body of art work (spanning decades) which finally allowed me, peace of heart.

Alas, i feel like i am now standing at the shore–a new era of life♥

The darkness

is beautiful,

black and white

is undefined,


**Colours are calling out to me..

throughout my world.

Beyond waiting canvases in the studio..they are finding their way into my life.

colours .. speak to me.

Beyond art.

they are invading my thoughts


 my physical world

such as:


(in my parlor)

Touch of Red (photo)  ©Morri

Soon i plan to have colour on all the white walls in my home.

Yes i know, white is practical..

i think..

practically boring!


i want to be surrounded by colour

on walls


In clothing:

In the past, i often wore black,



i began

wrapping my neck in colour..

Colours on Silk (photo ©Morri)

Little side notation: These scarves are not tucked away in a drawer or on a shelf..they hang in my bedroom on a coat rack (i love to change-up usage of things). Now when i awaken I begin my day viewing their luscious colours. Besides the fact, the many looks can you achieve with a few black dresses and a zillion scarves..agreed? Okay not a zillion..lets just say, i am fond of them. When traveling i always bring two or more home in my suitcase..

why not wear a lovely memory♥


beyond scarves...

Recent purchases of clothing

Colours of Cloth (photo) ©Morri

All bargains of course (see–> Sparkles and Treasures)


In coming posts, i will be sharing some of the colours of my world..within art, clothing (some of my own creations), gardens, culinary, etc.

Colours both literally and symbolically…

Changing it up,

on the canvas and beyond..

with my own ever-changing rules. lol

Well, enough, the studio beckons me..

before i go,  here is my…

Song of choice, on this day:

(i’ll be posting this video in the margin..Jem can “speak” for me) 

Ta ta for now to the few lovelies finding your way here


only a few, ’tis okay…

i decided this is the only way i will ever keep a journal (i have many lovely unfinished diaries awaiting my return).

until next time,

seek inspiration & seek to inspire,


**Ps note: Colours also spelled colors (in the US)..both are proper. i decided on just feels happier to me, and it is after all, my world. :)