Painter • Collagist • Mixed media

* The Journey..voices from within.

The Journey ©Morri

24″ x 32″ acrylic on canvas

(Prints are available)

click on image to enlarge


The  journey


only to







This tactile painting The Journey sold some time ago, before I worked under my name morri. I wrote about this painting several times in the past, so I will not do so here again. If you wish to read one of the posts here’s a link to my previous blog —> gypsy-heart, I am.

The energy of this piece continues…prints are out there, and I also allowed the image to be used, from churches to to poetry..throughout the US and International.

Recently, it was on t-shirts worn at a Hispanic leadership institute for a school district in Colorado. As promised, the organizer sent me a t-shirt:

I love it ..certainly a keepsake!

The last few weeks confirmations and signs have been swirling around me (including an unexpected phone call). Many are concerning my vision/wishes concerning fashion design. It all has to do with my ideas of “Twyla” by Morri.

and yes..the name Twyla came to me by way of voice (during waking hours). Much like my name…morri.

Maybe in time, I will write more of Twyla here (also the painting revealed to me).

To ignore signs and confirmations would be quite rude of me, don’t you agree? That would be refusing gifts. Gifts..I wished for. :)


the journey goes on..

and signs & confirmations (and voices for some of us) along the way,

but we must

be aware.

For we never know when or where such may come–

until next time..

within light..



5 Responses to “* The Journey..voices from within.”

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Morri,

    I loved this story! I especially liked how your fathers nickname “came” to you. My opinion of those “voices” inside is that “they” are us. My philosophy (ever changing) leads me to see that each of us is a unique multidimensional Soul that expresses itself using physical incarnations (and many others) and the “you” that is here now is just one of the skins of the entire “onion” that is our whole.

    As we come closer to our Source, like you are so obviously doing, we start to have experiences where we feel like we might even be going bonkers. This is natural and meant to be so take my advice and dream on! Play like a child with the unbounded joy inside us all that is patiently waiting for expression ………..Best! Ronnie

    PS I’m on my third marriage too and I’m not a quitter either! 27+ years with my soul-mate and counting……..☺

  2. morri

    Thank you, dear Olivia..your words meant a lot to me! We certainly do have some similarities! :)
    I agree it is about knowing thyself. I hope to hear about your name change some day!



  3. 4 Rooms and the Moon

    This is a great post – astounded once again at certain similarities between us – I changed my name 7 years ago – to be able to say a name that feels right on your lips, and to be so surprised and happy every time you sign it! What could be a lovlier way to know yourself! Thank you for posting on this subject – I think a lot of others would like to do the same, but may need a little extra courage!

  4. morri

    Hi Kristen..thank you so much for your interesting and inspiring note! I love that you chose your own name too!!
    I will be visiting your blog soon. I plan to set aside evening time for such. I took a quick peek and I love it! We have much in common.



  5. Kristen

    Hi Morri, I loved this for I think choosing your own name is a very powerful act. When I divorced I chose my grandmothers maiden name, Martini. I have my other grandmothers middle name, Marie. So I get to honor both of these beautiful women. My Martini grandmother died a year after I took her last name, but she loved that I had done so. And I love that for the first time in my life, I chose my own name. xoxo

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