Within Muscadines ©Morri

24″ x 32″ x 1.5″ acrylic / wrapped canvas


When you possess

light within,

you see it


~Anaïs Nin


Running late on my monday post this week..’tis Wednesday night. I found myself a little under the weather for a few days. Sickness sure does make one appreciate wellness..yes? Happy to be out and about in my studio and garden again.

 Today I feel drawn to write about art, within paints & glass

First, a little about the painting Within Muscadines

I painted this from images I shot while on a visit to a vineyard in our area. I love how light threads its way through the deeply shadowed vines. I also love to eat these grapes straight off the vine. Naturally birds savor the grapes too..so I had to tuck one or two within the shadows ..yellow rumped warblers they are!

These grapes are native to our area..(Muscadines are also called “America’s first grapes, discovered in 1584). As I said, I love to eat them, but they are also good makings for wine. At our place on Drayton Isle I hope to have my own little vineyard..it all circles back to the ancient history of the island. I hope to eventually make my own muscadine wine, but much less sweet than what I’ve tasted thus far. I’ll certainly let you know when it comes to be!

Anyway, I’m donating a signed limited edition giclee print of Within Muscadines for a Rotary charity auction.
♥ About Rotary…I never was a “club” person..save, a few years in the local art guild. My husband is a charter member of a Rotary club, and I often go with him to functions and events. I quickly fell in love with the Rotarians and what they are all about…humanitarianism! This–> video sums up Rotary very well. These busy people freely give of their time and effort to help make our community / world a better place. “Service above Self” is their motto.  Find a humanitarian club/cause that suits your fancy… I promise you there are health benefits from it—> your heart will be stronger!! :)

Still on the subject of art,

only now, is of glass..

My good friend & glass artist, Deb, gave me an old stained glass window, found by a contractor friend of hers discarded beneath a building in Jacksonville Florida. I fell in love with it and brought it home straight away. I knew exactly where it was to go…

Antique stained glass window photo ©Morri

I placed it in the parlor (my favorite room) on a lovely iron easel in front of the window that overlooks my little vegetable garden and the river beyond. I have to say. I am quite enchanted by this glass piece of purple, amber, and green. Maybe it is the heart design..or the colors..or the stories that lie within the glass. Stories such as how did it end up buried in darkness beneath a building or

who was the maker…

I know the artist left here long ago..who knows maybe his or her spirit will channel through the shards of glass. I hope so.

Well, I must hush for the day is quickly coming to a close.

Tonight as moonlight filters through the window I will raise my glass of wine to my friend Deb, all the humanitarians among us, and a stained glass artist from a time and place long ago..

within light..