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* Sparkles and Treasures .. (monday musings)

Sparkly Clutches-photo ©Morri (click on images to enlarge)

Aren’t they lovely? My photo did not do them justice.

  read about these beauties on down a bit

 Goodness Monday is leaving us again…hope your day was a good and creative one!

I’ve been mad busy since my week ago Monday post, and I would have the beginning of a book if I wrote about my nights and days. So I will spare you and me. I’ll only chat about a few things–how about biz meeting-thrifting with friends and gardening?

Friends first…

Once a month I meet with Mark & Susana, a couple of friends – treasures in my life.  Anyway, what began as a business/lunch meeting some months ago has evolved into so much more. We still discuss, encourage, and inspire each other about our businesses and latest projects, tasks, and goals. I think it works well because we are all in totally different fields, a mix of gender, and of age. (me being the oldest)

We used to always meet at the same place, but now we select an interesting venue or area to explore. Last week we were in Green Cove Springs, Florida..a lovely little town just across the bridge from me.

We decided to check out a few thrift stores, and I found a few things that caught my eye and work for my visions in process.

Here’s a few of them:

Large heavy green bowls..

Green Bowls photo ©Morri

Love the colour green, so I had to have these.

So pretty, and perfect for parties. I will keep them in the parlor (one of my favorite rooms) for a spell. Seemed fitting to have them beside my basil  and grove pepper plants ( brought in for a few days due to our cold weather).

♥ I think my most favorite finds were the little purses at the top. They are so different yet so similar in style..sparkly so. I see so many possibilities using them..especially the black one.


Maybe I’ll start posting some photos of what I “put together” when I venture out into the world. :)

Beyond thrifting ..

We had lunch at a locally owned Italian place called D’Fontana. The owners are from Rome, Italy and the food is very good and reasonable. After a long lunch we strolled a couple of doors down to the newly opened Spring Park Coffee –>(facebook page) also locally owned. Named such because it is a lovely walk away from Spring Park on the St John’s River. Very quaint inside and two adorable young ladies made us delicious coffees..mine a skinny latte, of course. :) They serve Allegro coffee (read about why I like the coffee and the concept by clicking on the link)

I finished my thrifty day with A Little Florida Cookbook by Anne Hardy. I’m looking forward to trying some of the recipes..especially for guests when we are at our place on Drayton Island. I’ll be writing about that world from time to is a place of dreams and possibilities!

on to


Last week I tended to my little kitchen garden (only 22 steps from center of kitchen). Over the years I’ve always had something growing in the dirt, but something happened during this winter garden. I’m turning  into a serious gardener (and wanna be cook).

Travels to the Tuscan and French countryside/villas to paint en plein air reminded me of the joy of delicious meals straight from the garden..not a box or can.

I guess you could say it took a 6000 mile trip across the ocean for me to fall in love with my own world again.

Anyway, last week I spent lots of hours weeding, feeding, and nurturing. You may think me crazy (won’t be the last time you do), but I swear the plants responded with happiness. Images of my garden earlier on are on my previous post Canvases of  cloth and dirt.

Garden work, end of day.

A garden toast (more thrifting treasures)..

Garden toast, end of day-photo ©Morri

One of four wine glasses..again my photo does not do it justice. It’s a lovely green with delicate etching near the top. I don’t know if they’re old or crystal, I just know I liked them. (as I mentioned in my last post–I buy what I like or feel connected to).

The colourful ceramic pitcher is probably my second best-loved find. I did a little research and it was designed by a living artist named, Morag Benepe.  Just the colours made me feel warm and happy. I am thinking summer evenings, friends, and a pitcher of margaritas.

Speaking of wine and margaritas

I need to hush, day has turned to night now..and my kitchen is calling me.
Am studio bound this week to begin a 30″ x 30″ commissioned painting…
So lovelies, until next Monday (or before if the mood strikes me and time allows)..
Wishing you sparkles & treasures, in your life..


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