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 I confess, I love fashion on all levels! I am not a fashion snob though…if I like something I’ll buy it, no matter where I find it. I also love vintage and sewing my own. You get the idea…oh, and I also find things online.

I guess I would say my style is eclectic (most everything about me is..including my art). I love layers and mixing things up in patterns, designs, and materials. I was wearing a lot of black and a tad of gray/silver due to my hair colour (silver in the front now), but as of late, I’ve begun adding a few more colours into my palette.. like pinks, greens, & purple/lavenders. I think I am entering yet another era–a peaceful happy era..ever transcending. Age allows one to do so, and that is a good thing.

Anyway, here a few recent bargains..a favorite dress I ordered online (Simply Vera) around $25.00.



ha I don’t keep my clothes outside it was just such a lovely day in the garden..the light was perfect for purple!

The dress, coat from Target (marked down to 14.99), yummy shoes by Dana Buchman,

and one of my scarves from my trip to Venice ( there too!)

I ordered this dress online. How wonderful that it came straight away to my front door, and I was not disappointed in the least. It’s quite simple and feels light as air. I tend to look for pieces that make me happy and are comfortable. I also look for things that I feel are age I don’t mean frumpy or church lady indeed. It simply means I leave the mini’s and such to the young ladies. Which my dears, is where I think such should be…I am quite *morri-fyde at what I see on some “mature” ladies–sometimes frightfully so!

*morri-fydes are simply things that I love, interest, intrigue..or surprise me!


fashion most certainly does!

I know at times, it can be a challenge to find what you wish or need. I often feel frustrated myself.

Soooo I am thinking…

I will create my own designs. Actually, I already have created them in the morri boutique in my mind. :) I’ve had a name for my dress line for a spell..

Twyla, by Morri

“Morri” is all properly trademarked..I am branded now hee hee, and I have Morri, I need to stop planning & planning & procrastinating about possibilities and do something…yes? I may eventually tell you how the Twyla came to be..better yet I should paint her. She has been lingering in my thoughts begging me to do so. So maybe I shall…

Well, I think i will end this monday evening post. I have truly chattered about nothing important..and I like that. I wanted and needed a place of un-seriousness (another word I think I just made up..ha ha).

Darlings, if I am to do all the un-serious and lovely things swirling around in my mind/heart…I will need to live a 1000+ years. Who knows I just may..I have never quite felt I was from this world anyway. :)

in the meantime…

good & creative energies to you,


Ps I think I am somewhat compulsive. I’ve changed the title of this blog a zillion times. Sorry to the few souls out there that found me..what can I say? It has always been such..I am a fretter (spell check informed me that is not a word..well it is now) hee hee  Now that I’ve apologized..I’ll truly hush.


9 Responses to “* Eclectic fashion in purple”

  1. morri

    Hi Intense Guy (Iggy), so very nice to hear from you! You are always so kind and matter what my latest venture is. lol
    Is is going to be interesting to see what unfolds. Funny you should mention the make over show..I was thinking I would love to do that. Well, that and other things on a show. ha ha

    I have been thinking about you and will get a private note off to you soon. We need to catch up! :)



  2. IntenseGuy

    You have an eye for color – and I can easily see you wearing these clothing (and being a knock out in them!)

    This is an interesting turn of events – you going into the “clothes designer” business. :) I’m sure you will enjoy the “process” and hope you are blessed with success.

    You could get on one of those “make over” TV shows… I bet you could make a lot of people “happy” with how they look after you get done with them.

  3. morri

    *missmolly, You’re quite welcome…I think you most certainly need more purple shoes!lol

  4. missmolly72

    Morri, thank you for the link to the shoes…that is a great sale price, I am thinking I will need to order those (not like I NEED more shoes, but I do want more purple shoes!) ;) xoxo

  5. morri

    Hi Miss Molly, thank you for your sweet note! Purple is a yummy colour! Here is a link to order online which is what I did.

    If you prefer, you may find them in a store in your area. I think they are still on sale..$27.99 from $69.99. :) These are my first berry (purple) shoes! They caught my eye in the store more than once..I was bewitched. When they went on sale I simply could not resist..I had to have them for my purple era. ha ha

    Thank you again..your kind words about my blog inspired me to keep it up.



  6. morri

    Kacey, you are such a darling..I’m so happy we connected again! The feelings are mutual, my dear♥


  7. missmolly72

    OH I must have those purple Dana Buchman shoes. Where did you find those? Purple is my favorite color. It makes my heart soar. Love your new blog, Morri! ~ xoxo Molly Martino

  8. kacey easterwood

    More of you to love…your art, now your written word… are amazing. I admire you so…..
    Much Love and {{{{HUGS}}}}

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