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* Changes…

New Light...Changes ©Morri

New Light…Changes ©Morri

New Light (change) ©Morri

24″ x 32″ acrylic / wrapped canvas

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change comes


least expected


most needed.



New Light..Changes was in my recent solo show, and it was in another show before that. Alas, like many of my paintings I went back into it…this often happens if they stay with me long enough. While working on something in the studio another piece will keep floating through my mind disrupting my concentration, until it finds its way on the easel. I then find myself re-visiting it with new and different insight

Often, the painting will paint itself..if only you let your mind step aside. Such was the case with this piece..I even changed the title. I was never quite happy with the painting before, but now it feels complete to me.

Life is much like that..sometimes we need to leave things alone and “let be” for a spell. We have to make our mind step out-of-the-way. Recently, such happened in my life. I was very upset about a situation, I stressed over it for months..

I’m talking depths of despair crying spells, kind of upset!

I was beginning to make myself physically ill over it, so I had to get a gripe! I made myself accept that I could not change or control the situation and decided to just “let be” allowing all to evolve and unfold. Make no mistake, I’m not saying it was easy for me to do, but I did it!

Well, guess what..after a quiet lull (as in mind/heart), something wonderful happened! Something that was totally unexpected and never would have happened, if not for that very situation!! Who knew..certainly not I, my own master (or so I thought).


I would not change any of that history..not even the upsetting chapters.

For all feels complete…what a perfect change!

Art and life are much the same for me. So, I need to just keep living life and “making” art..let go of my worries and let all unfold. Along the way, I’ll use my work as my journal..that seems to be how I work through my crazy ass life anyway! I’ve come to realize that must be why most, if not all, of my pieces have stories, symbolism, secrets, ..within the images. Did you see the heart within the sunflower (more symbols listed below..there’s also a surprise in the list).

Hmm…in a distant time and place, long after I’m gone from here (save my spirit), they (the art gods) may say I was a total mad woman. ha ha

Well, enough from me for now..

until next time..

* Painting Info:

New Light..Changes: lots of symbolism in this piece. I’ll not bore you with all of it..but of course

one crow= death or change (new energies)

sunflowers=follow the light

sign within the sunflower= universe

do you see the dancing figure?


6 Responses to “* Changes…”

  1. morri

    IG..Thank you, It has evolved, but I think I will let it be now.
    You still have a very good eye..that is the dancing figure! I will write you about the gift. :)

    You always encourage and inspire me with your beautiful words!



  2. IntenseGuy

    I always liked this painting – before you completed it – the “hearts” in the Sunflowers is … a surprising touch.

    I think I see a dancing figure within the structure of the leaves beneath the Crow’s tail. As always, one can fall into your art – just looking at it – triggers the mind down its own corridors to places… well, one doesn’t know where it might end up…

  3. morri

    ✿ I did a “like” on your facebook page, Lafemmeroar. Thank you for sharing it and for liking mine the other day! :)

  4. morri

    Hello Lafemmeroar! Thank you very much for leaving such a nice and encouraging note!

    Shadows always have secrets..yes? :) To be fair, I should have said the dancer is a stick figure image (very childlike)..not realistic in the least! Maybe that will help you see it. I’ll correct that now.

    Thank you are my first commenter on this blog. Also, for coming on my facebook art page and “liking” it! Let me know if you have a page on there!

  5. Lafemmeroar

    The sunflowers are beautiful. And your brushstrokes are mesmerizing. I thought the shadows evoked a certain movement, but I can’t be sure.

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