Painter • Collagist • Mixed media

* The Messenger (first post at this new blogging place)

 The Messenger © morri

oil/canvas (sold) *info about this piece below


the moon

sent her messenger

of dreams

to me. 

He said,

“my dear

’tis your own


that holds


sacred key!”


Listening to my heart again..which has been pulling me back to blogging. So this is a new place for me. I confess, I have abandoned several blogs..eventually taking a two-year sabbatical from blogging. Only one blog remains public now.. my original blog–>gypsy-heart. I cannot bring myself to delete it, too much history there..raw history. I seriously thought about returning to g-h again, but I think not..that time has passed and much has changed

One major change is I totally go by my name morri an artist and in life. So I’ve gone through an evolution of simplification in how I sign my work and in my life…


Susan Morrison Sims





Eventually, I may write of the why morri, and how unbeknownst to me, it is connected to my beloved father, who left this world on October 24, 2010.

I’ve been working on this site off and on, for weeks..I selected numerous blog titles, uploaded many headers from among my art images, and I wrote about 20 “first” posts..and I deleted them all! :~O Nothing quite fit about this new blogging venue.

Until I thought.. NO need to write of my past, just write about what’s happening in life–>now!

So many things I am interested in, now exploring, and there is no doubt that I’m all over the place in my interests and in my life..within the large and the small.

There is no predicting what may find its way here, who knows I may even open the door to some secrets. (hee hee) Beware, for I am quite obsessed with the curiosities and wonderings, but most especially with things of heart.

until next time..

*Prints/cards available of The Messenger

3 Responses to “* The Messenger (first post at this new blogging place)”

  1. morri

    Hi IG!! Thank you, my friend and what a lovely surprise to find your notes here!

    ..I could not stay away..hopefully I won’t run away again. lol I am going to just enjoy and let it unfold. What will be ..will be.

  2. IntenseGuy

    :) Such vivid colors – that electric shade of blue goes so well with the hot orange!

    …and I’m so very glad to see you back in the blog-space!

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